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University of Jhang Jobs 2023

The University of Jhang offers several excellent employment, which the UOJ advertised. Both men and women, as well as those with less schooling, are eligible to apply. You must read all the way to the end to get the full explanation of the application’s information and how to apply for it. What should the age be, and what should the Education be? Provide the remaining application information.

I will first demonstrate the retirement of these University of Jhang Jobs before outlining how to apply for them. As you can see, there are open opportunities at the University of Jhang. The needs of both teaching and non-teaching employees are included in it. And what’s in it is that both men and women from all around Punjab are welcome to apply for jobs at the University of Jhang.

Vacancies in Controller of Examination positions at the University of Jhang
Project Director, Assistant Director, Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Assistant Treasurer, Personal Secretary, Junior Clerk Security Guard, Assistant Computer Operator
Mali Cleaner
The first opening at the University of Jhang Jobs is for a Controller of Examination with the required qualifications. And he has a 20 on the scale. Your Education in this is a PhD, which is needed in this situation. You must possess a Ph.D. when you have a Ph.D. If you don’t have one, an MS or MPhil will suffice. So that you may apply for this job. Or, if you don’t have an MS or MCG degree, a four-year BS or master’s degree. So that you may apply for this job. Alright. It should be between the ages of forty and fifty.

Qualifications of the Jhang University

Project Director is the next position available on the University of Jhang Jobs website. There is a seat inside as well. The level is 19. If you hold a BSc in civil engineering, it counts as one of your qualifications. The age range for this position is thirty-five to fifty years old. There are then two seats available in economics, two seats available in Islamic studies, one seat available in Education, two seats available in english, and one seat available in sociology at the University of Jhang.

One is in management sciences, two are in computer sciences, one is in chemistry, and two are in political sciences. What’s in it is your Education; a Ph.D. is necessary. Additionally, the age restriction is from 25 to 45 years old. Following that, there is one seat for law, and the fourth number is an assistant professor with a grade of 19. You may even utilize this in

You may also apply if you have a PhD, a law degree, or a juris doctor. Or apply for yourself if you also hold an LLB. You may recall being somewhere between 25 and 45 years old. Openings for lecturers. 2 in Pakistani Studies, 6 in English, 5 in Math, 4 in Economics, 4 in Islamic Studies, 3 in Education, and 2 in Computer Science

The University of Zhang’s requirements

one in sociology, two in management sciences, two in political sciences, and three in statistics. Your degree is in MPhil. If you meet the requirements, you may apply for the position. The age range for this position is twenty-one to thirty-five years old. Your B should be Education. The age restriction should be between twenty-one and 35. After that, a professor is needed at the University of Jhang, where there are two places available for those with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

For four years, a bachelor’s degree in design is acceptable if you already have one. You may thus apply for this. The age range is twenty-one to thirty-five. The Deputy Librarian is the next in line. In the deputy library, there is a chair. You may apply if you have an MS or an MPhil. Alternatively, apply for this position even if you have a Marshall’s or BS degree. Well, in the sciences and library. Then, it has an assistant and a set.

Education in it four years if you have done an MBA, MCom, ACMA, ACCA, MSc, or BS. You may apply for this position in economics between the ages of twenty-one and thirty-five. There is a place for the Assistant Director of Purchase and Store after that. Education Your MBA, M.S., M.Com, ACMA, ACCA, or MSc in Economics maximum is twenty-one to thirty-five years after that; there is also one seat in it for a personal secretary. Education: You may apply if you have a Marshall degree or a BS.

The age restriction is from twenty-one to thirty-five. G-Assistant, which has three seats behind it, is next.
You may apply if you have a master’s degree or a BS. The age range is twenty-one to thirty-five. Following that is computer operator, which offers five seats and accepts either a BA or BSc as a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, you may apply if you have completed BAHBCS. There are four positions for junior clerks, after which you must be between the ages of 18 and 30 and have an FA or FSC degree in addition to the age requirement.


There are then two groups of security personnel. EA is an AFSC member. In such a case, you may apply. Or you may apply if you are a member of the X-service. There are then five Naib Qasid seats. You should complete your enrollment. The age range should be between 18 and 25.

Three places are available for junior lab attendants after that. Your enrollment should be in Education. It would be best if you were between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five. Mali has five places remaining after that. Education The age restriction for your main pass is from eighteen to twenty-five. Five sets of sweepers are present after that, even if your schooling includes a primary pass.

How to Apply for Jobs at the University of Jhang

You must first download an application form in order to apply for jobs at the University of Jhang. Let me tell you where to get the application form. Therefore, you must visit the University of Jhang’s website. You’ll see a button for careers. It would be best if you pressed the carry button. The moment you press the carry button. You can see that the carrier is written, and then it says Download Add Now Ad Number One and Ad Number Two, all of which I’ve shown you.

Here are the specifics on how to apply for jobs at the University of Jhang. Results cards, transcripts, certificates, experience certificates, CNIC, and anything else are listed below, along with passport-size pictures and an updated CV. These are all the papers I have mentioned; you must create a set of them, make a set of duplicates, and then take the exam. I’ll let you know where to find the application form to download. Additionally, you must obtain the application form specifically for non-teaching.

Additionally, applications must be submitted by August 9, 2023. You have until August 9, 2023, to complete all of your paperwork. It has to be sent. The University’s address may be seen above it in its whole form. It states that the distance from Chiniot Road in Jhang and the University of Jhang is twelve km. Additionally, a contact number has been provided so that you may call this number for more information.

I’ll now demonstrate another retirement to you. As address number two, it is acceptable that there be openings there as well. A group of registrars make up the registrar. Education: To apply, you must have completed a PhD, MSc, MPhil, master’s degree, or BS. You may also apply if you have completed an MSc or BS. It has a forty-five to fifty-year age restriction.

As stated below, you can download and submit your application for the following positions: job application form teaching, job application form non-teaching for grades five and up, and job application form non-teaching, which is acceptable for grades one through four.

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