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When it comes to Hat Styles, few are as iconic as the Cowboy Hat. Whether you’re dressing for a western-themed party or just want to show off your country side, choosing the right Cowboy Hat style and crease is essential. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of Cowboy Hat styles and creases available, so you can find the perfect hat for any occasion.



There are many types of Cowboy Hat Styles and Creases available in the modern world. Each style has its own unique characteristics, and some may be more suited to your lifestyle than others. Let’s take a look at the most popular hat styles and creases currently available:

The Cattleman Crease is the classic Western style that features a deep curved crown and an indented brim. This style works for both men and women and is perfect for a rodeo or day at the ranch.

The Montana/Tom Mix/Gus Crease is a bit more formal with its higher crown, curled brim and rounded edges. It is often seen at horse shows, roping events and in classic Western movies.

The Brick Crease is characterized by a flat-top crown and straight, flat brim. It is often worn by outdoor enthusiasts who spend time camping, hunting and fishing.

The Biggs Crease has a similar design to the Cattleman but with a wider brim and higher crown. It is usually worn by those seeking a modern look.

The American Outback Hat has a shorter brim, open front and wider crown that offers great protection from the sun while keeping you looking stylish.

The Pinch Front Crease is very similar to the Cattleman but with a slightly wider brim and pinched front instead of curved one. It is often seen at parties or social gatherings.

The Gambler or Telescope Crease is similar to the Pinch Front but features an even wider brim and pinched center that can be pushed up or down depending on your preference. This style is often seen in vintage Western films.

The Derby or Bowler Western has a smaller, rounder crown and wide, round brim that provides excellent coverage from the sun. This hat style works well with a variety of looks, from dressy to casual.

Finally, the Open Crown Crease or “10 Gallon Hat” is one of the most iconic Western looks with its deep, wide brim and flat top crown that can be shaped as desired. This style is perfect for the rodeo or for making a statement.

No matter which hat style you choose, you’ll be sure to make a bold statement in any setting.


The Cattleman Crease

A classic Hat Style, the Cattleman crease has been around for over a century. It is characterized by a broad and tall crown that comes to a rounded peak with a flat brim that flares out slightly at the edges. The Cattleman crease was historically used as a practical means of shading the eyes and neck from the sun while out on the range. The style is still popular today, and it can be seen in all types of western hats. The Cattleman crease is often seen paired with a traditional black or brown leather band to give the hat an extra bit of style.


The Brick Crease

The Brick Crease is one of the most popular hat styles in the western world. It is characterized by its flat, squared-off top, which is often referred to as a “brick” shape. The front and back of the hat are slightly higher than the sides, giving it a slight profile. The brim of the hat is wide and flat, making it ideal for shading the wearer’s eyes from the sun. While the original Brick Crease was a straight-sided hat, modern versions often feature rounded edges and contours. As with all types of cowboy hats, the Brick Crease can be customized with a variety of trims and decorations to create a unique look.


The Biggs Crease

The Biggs Crease is one of the most popular Hat Styles out there. The crease is made by pressing a series of ridges down the center of the hat, which gives it a sharp, modern look. This crease was first made famous by the great Western actor Tom Mix and is still seen today in many different variations. This style has a higher crown than other styles, giving the wearer a more impressive look. The Biggs Crease is ideal for those looking to make a statement with their hat and stand out from the crowd. With its unique shape and crease, the Biggs Crease is sure to turn heads wherever you go!


The Pinch Front Crease

One of the most popular hat styles in the West, the Pinch Front Crease features a shallow indentation at the front of the hat, just above the brim. This style allows for a comfortable and relaxed fit that sits easily on the head but still has a distinctive look. The style is popular with both men and women and comes in several different shapes and sizes. Generally, the crease is more pronounced at the front than it is at the back. The Pinch Front Crease can be seen in many classic Western movies, especially those set in the 1880s, as well as in modern-day fashion.


The American Outback Hat

The American Outback Hat is one of the most popular Hat Styles in the U.S., and with its versatile design, it can be worn both casually and formally. Its unique blend of style and functionality makes it an ideal choice for outdoorsmen and fashion-forward men alike. The American Outback Hat features a higher crown than a typical cowboy hat, a wide brim, and a leather band that goes around the circumference of the hat. It is typically made from suede, felt, or straw, and often comes in colors like brown or tan. The American Outback Hat is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, and more. It is also great for formal occasions, such as weddings and social events. The American Outback Hat is a perfect way to show off your style hile protecting you from the elements.


The Gambler or Telescope Crease

The Gambler or Telescope Crease is a classic style of cowboy hat that has been around for years. It is typically made of felt and is recognizable by its tall and narrow crown, curved brim, and distinctive front crease. This Hat Style was popularized in the early 20th century by actors such as Tom Mix, William S. Hart, and Broncho Billy Anderson, who wore the Gambler or Telescope Crease while playing the part of a “good guy” in western films. The Gambler or Telescope Crease is a great choice for any occasion. Its tall and narrow crown gives it a distinctive look, while its curved brim protects it from the sun. For those looking for a classic Hat Style with a touch of flair, the Gambler or Telescope Crease is the way to go.

The Derby or Bowler Western

The Derby or Bowler Western hat is a style of cowboy hat that has been popular since the late 1800s. This Hat Styles has a distinctive round shape that is designed to sit low on the head and provide coverage for the ears. Originally, this style was designed with a wide brim, though today it is usually seen with a narrower brim. The most popular color for this hat style is black, although brown and other colors are also available. This type of hat is often worn by ranchers and horsemen due to its durability and versatility. It can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, and makes a great addition to any western wardrobe.


A Western Hat for Every Occasion

Whether you’re a fan of western culture, love the traditional look of cowboy hats, or are looking to invest in a high-quality hat that is versatile and stylish, there is sure to be a hat style for you. With the wide variety of hat styles available, including the Cattleman Crease, Montana/Tom Mix/Gus Crease, Brick Crease, Biggs Crease, Pinch Front Crease, American Outback Hat, Gambler or Telescope Crease, Open Crown Crease or “10 Gallon Hat”, and Derby or Bowler Western, you’ll find the perfect hat for any occasion. From work to a night out on the town, no matter what you’re wearing, you’ll find the perfect western hat for your look. Investing in a good quality western hat will ensure that it stands the test of time, and gives you years of use. So when you’re shopping for a hat, make sure to choose one that suits your personality and style. With the right hat, you can easily stand out from the crowd.

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