Top 13 Azad Kashmir Visiting Places

The top 13 tourist destinations in Azad Kashmir will be discussed. Jannat Nazir Valley is another name for Azad Kashmir. Kashmir is among Pakistan’s most picturesque locations in its own right. Tourists go great distances to see Kashmir because of its unrivaled beauty. And now, I’m going to share with you the top fourteen Azad Kashmir tourist destinations in Pakistan. This will prove to be the greatest Azad Kashmir Visiting Place for you if you’re seeking a holiday spot with a vibrant culture, lovely landscape, and endless opportunities. Let’s visit Azad Kashmir, then.

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A very lovely city called Muzzarabad may be found where the Daria-e Jhelum and the Daria-e Neelam rivers meet. It is referred to as the doorway to Azad Kashmir because of its advantageous position and closeness to neighboring cities like Mirpur and Kotli. Additionally, it is the location of several tourist attractions, such as Red Fort Lake, which is certain to capture your imagination.

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One of the nicest spots to visit in Kashmir is Wadi Neelum. It’s impossible to look away from this stunning location. Small towns, lakes, hiking routes, and mountain pathways may all be found in Wadi Neelam. You must travel 100 kilometers to go to Wadi Neelam from Muzaffarabad. One of the most prominent locations in Azad Kashmir is Neelam Valley. The beauty of Wadi-e-Neelam is well known.

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Near the top of the hill, just above Khel, lies the velvety green hamlet of Orange Kel in Kashmir’s Neelum Valley. Eight thousand three hundred eighty-nine feet above sea level, Urang Keel is situated. It is one of Azad Kashmir’s tranquil tourist destinations. Don’t forget to schedule the tracking and go to Asmani Adanga to take in the breathtaking scenery.

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One of Kashmir’s most picturesque locations, Patika, serves as the entrance to Neelum Valley. It is well-known for the Neelum Valley commercial sector, where visitors may get everything they need for their daily plans or habits. In Neelum Valley, there are several hotels available to accommodate big groups of visitors.

You will be astounded by the views of the city and the surrounding tall trees on the route heading to Patika. It designates Azad Kashmir’s most well-known location. For a stroll along the Wadi Neelam path, do not overlook the Patika commercial sector. You will like Patika’s weather and lush surroundings.

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One of the well-known locations in the Neelum Valley is Ratti Gali Lake. An alpine glacier lake is Ratigali Lake. This lake receives fresh, chilly mountain meltwater that is released into the environment. Mountains of stunning natural beauty and lush meadows with lovely flowers surround Ratti Gali Lake. The lake freezes over in the winter, and the mountains cover the whole area with snow.

To get there comfortably, tracking and photography are also options. This lake stands out as one of Kashmir’s most stunning and provides a fantastic setting for hiking and taking pictures. You may enjoy the breathtaking view of Ratigali Lake at a beautiful location to explore in the Neelum Valley.

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There is no question that the Leepa Valley and Azad Kashmir are popular tourist destinations in Pakistan. One of the most stunning spots to visit in Azad Kashmir is Leepa Valley. Where you may take in the neighboring arable valleys and pine forests for a rustic vista. There are tall mountains covered with pine trees there. With the winter, Leepa Valley is completely covered with snow.

It is the most fascinating and stunning valley, offering a landscape of unending splendor. Eighty-three kilometers separate Muzaffarabad from Wadi Leepa, which splits it into five parts. These sectors include Lipa, Chenania, Dau Khan, Qasirkot, and Nokot. Leepa Valley has favorable weather.

The ideal months to visit this location are May through November when the weather is agreeable and welcoming for exploring this gorgeous valley. From Muzaffarabad, you may go to Dau Khan Lipa and Janania, two of Kashmir’s most scenic locations, which are accessible from this area.

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In Azad Kashmir’s Wadi Neelam valley, the Chitta Khata Lake is a sinkhole. This lake is modest yet deep, and the natural world surrounds it. Its height is 10,000 feet. There are grassy hills, mountains, and vegetation strewn everywhere around the lake. Daura is risky because the warning of ground sliding makes travel challenging. From KL and Wadi Neelam, you may take a Jeep to go to Chitta Katta Lake. It is among the most stunning locations in Azad Kashmir.

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The mountaintop location of Toli Pir is stunning. The most magnificent maqamat in this area is found in Toli Pir. You can’t take your eyes off the edge of the hill because the view from the top is so breathtaking. It is one of the well-known locations in Kashmir, Pakistan, and is situated in the Poonch district at an elevation of 8,800 feet above sea level.

It may be found on the route to the renowned Peak Rawla Coat. It may be reached by automobile after a short journey. From Andr, it is roughly 30 kilometers distant. The summit of the hill is sometimes covered with snow during the winter months. Because of the elevation, the snowfall, and blocked roads, it isn’t easy to get there. Due to the favorable weather, April through early October are often the ideal months to visit this location. It is 30 km from Muzaffarabad, one of the tourist destinations in Azad Kashmir.

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Chanasi Pir One of the most notable instances of a place of worship in this region is Pir Chinasi. Situated in Muzaffarabad’s eastern region. There are a lot of bends on the way to this temple, making the journey challenging. While visiting this location, safety and care are required. The temple rises nine thousand five hundred fourteen feet in height. A location that transports you to all the snow-capped peaks in winter and lovely foliage in summer.

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A little settlement in the Kashmir district is called Banjosa Lake. In Banjosa, there is a natural lake that draws a lot of tourists all year long because of its beauty. Banjosa Lake is covered with vegetation. This provides a serene environment that may be experienced from the lake. Additionally, thickets surround it. Azad Rawla Court is situated 18 kilometers from Banjosa Lake. The lake has a pleasing color scheme of red and blue, and the shimmering water creates a tranquil atmosphere.

This stunning lake catches your attention immediately. It happens as a result, causing the blood to fall quickly. It gives a glowing impression of romance, making it the ideal honeymoon location. Golden and reddish-brown trees with red and brown foliage surround the lake. And don’t forget to include sailing and photography on your itinerary in addition to the sparkling kasi.

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The picturesque Jhelum Valley is located in the Jhelum District of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, and is bordered by mountains that are covered in lush greenery. Jhelum Valley is renowned for its friendliness to both domestic and international travelers. The river that flows from east to west between the large mountains is the major draw for travelers. The Jhelum Valley lies across the Jhelum River, which is surrounded by lush mountains at a distance of fifty kilometers. The capital of Jhelum Valley is Hattian Bala.

Ripe rice fields and wooden homes line the valley, creating an incredible scene. They have adorable looks and delicious walnuts you’ve never had before. Only in Jhelum Valley will you be able to discover these two boxes. It is one of the most tranquil destinations in Azad Kashmir. It is Azad Kashmir’s most well-known town.

Between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, this valley is eighty kilometers away. You may visit this place fast and owing to ease of access because it is just 80 kilometers away at the current time. Through the Going Nala and Tan Road, you may go to this location. Due to the broad range that creates the appearance of pearls when viewed high on the mountain, the coat is also known as an almond flower. As winter is difficult for everyone, it is best to visit this location in the summer for a stroll, where you will see blooming flowers and green hills.

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Summertime brings forth Rawalkot’s intriguing beauty. You must go to Toli and Tatta Pani. Sharada mentions Kashmir. There are several lovely cottages on the ground in this region. A hundred and thirty-six kilometers separate this location from Muzaffarabad. This little village is located on the banks of Wadi Neelam at an altitude of 6,499 feet and is a sight to see after being a small town at the foot of Wadi-Neelam, the beauty of four minor tehsils, and valuable dates.

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Sharda was given its name after the shrine to the Hindu deity Sharda in Perth. The river’s water is illuminated in the morning. By means of this, the whole of Manjar Nama is changed into a lovely location. Doing Kashti Rani is the most popular pastime in this area. The little settlement is completely covered in snow throughout the winter, turning it into a white place. Consequently, it is entertaining to see. Be sure to go to Sharda to see the charming little town of Sharda, which offers a lot of hotels and guesthouses for hiking and camping.

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One of the most well-known tourist destinations in Azad Kashmir is Kundal Shahi. Without seeing the stunning area of Neelam Valley, your holiday would fall short. It is on the list of explorers and environment enthusiasts because of the picturesque surroundings and the flowing rivers that run beside the settlement.

Kendal is around 95 kilometers away. Located 4,452 feet above sea level, Kendal Shahi is surrounded by peaceful streams and bodies of water. A rest home has been constructed. If you want to witness the serene waters and stunning vistas of the Neelam Valley, don’t miss the Kendal Shahi.

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