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How to Delete Trending Searches: You can now delete trending searches from your Google search results. If you are like me, you might have more than one account on your phone, and if so, then you probably don’t want to see all of the trending searches that someone made on their account in your main search results. To remove these trending searches, just follow these easy steps!

How do trending searches work?

Is trending searches working for you? Most popular search engines can tell a user what other users are searching, but trending searches are different. Once something becomes popular, Facebook, Twitter, and others have to adapt by removing these topics from their trending searches. Sometimes they do it to keep information public while protecting privacy at other times they may do it because of bad content or if there is a real threat. When you remove trending searches completely your privacy is protected no matter what topic has become popular lately. It’s easy enough to use Facebook as it is without worrying about some controversial topic making its way into your search history or friend suggestions. Users who want complete control over their data should look into how to delete trending searches on Facebook and beyond.

Google Trends

Is There Any Good Reason to Use It?: Google Trends is a very easy-to-use application that allows anyone to search for a term, subject, or name and then see what people have been searching for over time? As you can imagine, it’s also very useful for analyzing what topics are popular at any given moment (hence its inclusion in trending searches). For example, if someone were doing a news report on how popular Minecraft was right now, they could easily find out how many times it has been searched recently. The application is free to use but as usual with Google, there are quite a few catches. First of all, you only get limited access to trends information; beyond seven days ago you’re charged $5 per month.

Numbers in Google Trends

With Google Trends, you can find out how often a given search term is entered into Google over time. To use Google Trends, first, select your location and language: Then start typing in your search terms—say, SpongeBob or cats—and then compare them with related terms. The graph will show you which searches are trending at any given time. You can also use Trends to research keywords that drive traffic to your competitors’ sites: just enter a competitor’s site address and click See full report. (Don’t worry; there’s no way for anyone at Google to see which sites you’re visiting.)

Why delete tending searches

Many search engines offer trending searches on their homepage and are often displayed as an advertising banner. When you search, trending searches reveal what other people have been searching for around your location and may include very personal and sensitive things. For example, if you live in a suburban community that is dealing with a high-profile murder case, you might see how to clean blood stains trending. Although it is important to stay up-to-date on news relevant to your area, these trending searches could be too much information. You don’t need every search that happens in your location revealed and available at a single click of a button—and deleting trending searches helps reduce unwanted information in your life.

How to delete Google App Trending Searches

Want to get rid of those trending searches that Google seems so fond of these days? Well, you can’t. At least not easily—and certainly not without breaking a few terms of service agreements and legal statutes. Instead, you need to tell yourself that they don’t matter. The problem with them is that they seem like a good measure of what people are thinking at any given moment in time. That matters to publishers, businesses, brands—to everyone on some level or another; after all, your business success depends on how well you listen to what people want. So how do you get over them?

How to delete Desktop Trending Searches

Launch a new browser tab and type about: preferences# privacy in your address bar. Go to Tracking and make sure that Tell websites I do not want to be tracked are checked. This will delete all trending searches for good. Another tip is to clear your web history, too – just go to History, right-click on each of your most recent entries, and select Clear All History. This might take a while since you’ll have hundreds of entries at a time but it’s worth it if you’re trying to start fresh.

How to delete Mobile Trending Searches

You can remove any of your mobile searches and pages you’ve created. To delete your trending searches: Click on trending to go to the trending search page and click on the ‘Accounts’ button in the top right corner. Choose your Google Account from the drop-down menu, then click on Manage Accounts. Finally, click on the trash icon next to each of your deleted trends for confirmation. Keep in mind that once a trend is deleted it is gone forever.


It’s worth noting that trending searches aren’t a permanent fixture of Facebook and can be deleted, either by users or administrators. Trending topics are generated algorithmically, but they don’t have to show up on your News Feed.

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