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Contrary to popular belief, there are many more than three types of sports in the world. Sure, there are the commonly known ones like basketball, soccer, hockey, and football; but there are so many more you may not have heard of before that are just as great! Whether you’re a big fan of all sports or just one, in particular, you can appreciate and enjoy the variety that exists in this list of 10 Types of Sports You Won’t Believe Exist.

List of Sports types

  1. Football 2. Hockey 3. Rugby 4. Golf 5. Boxing 6. Cricket 7. Ice Hockey 8. Ping Pong 9 Badminton 10 Football / Soccer


Athletes who compete in athletics events must possess excellent running, jumping, and throwing skills. It’s their speed and agility on the court or field that sets them apart from their competitors. Track-and-field sports like sprinting, middle distance running, hurdles and relays are just a few of these types of sports. Boxing, wrestling, and martial arts also fall into the category. Swimming events include freestyle (crawl), backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly – any stroke that pushes you forward through the water with arm strokes rather than kicks to propel you forward will help develop speed and agility. Distance swimming races can take anywhere from five minutes to more than an hour to complete; they’re held in a pool or open water, such as an ocean or lake.

Ball Sports

There are two major types of ball sports: team sports and individual sports. Team sports involve two or more people competing in a game, with one person on each team playing at a time. In individual sports, each participant competes alone. Various ball games fall into these categories, such as basketball and soccer. Football is both an individual sport and a team sport since there are different positions players can play during gameplay.

Board Sports

Several varieties of board sports could be described as a favorite pastime. It is amazing how certain inventions can take off and become such a significant part of our culture. It makes you wonder what kind of impact it will have on today’s youth as they grow up with access to high-tech 3D boards at an early age. The list below focuses on 10 types of sports, but in reality, there are more than 10 board sports out there!

Combat Sports

The most traditional kind of sports, combat sports requires you to take part in direct combat against another person or team. There are several different variations within each category, but wrestling and boxing are two examples of popular combat sports. Many athletes choose to pursue their careers on a professional level, often competing for large sums of money in televised matches and competitions. Combat sports generally require more physical strength than other types and benefit from careful training routines that improve reaction time, stamina, and overall endurance.

Cycle Sports

Cycling is a type of physical exercise with several health benefits. The most common types of cycling include road cycling, mountain biking, and cyclo-cross. In recent years, indoor cycle training has also become popular. Cycling is considered one of the best cardio exercises out there as it gets your heart rate up and increases blood flow to all parts of your body in less time than other activities such as running or swimming.


The sport of gymnastics encompasses multiple disciplines. Women’s events include floor, beam, vault, uneven bars, and a team event made up of all four apparatus (two people per piece). Men compete on floor, pommel horse, still rings, vault, and parallel bars.

Ice Sports

It’s called ice sports for a reason. The best way to enjoy these winter favorites is by getting outside, skating on a frozen pond, or playing hockey on an outdoor rink. In addition to being fun and active, these activities can also help build your child’s social skills as they interact with other players and learn how to be good teammates. Ice sports also teach children about fair play and sportsmanship in a way that many organized team sports just can’t match.

Indoor Sports

If you’re looking for a way to get some exercise during colder months, an indoor sport may be just what you need. Try out racquetball, volleyball, or handball—or even squash if you’re up for it. These sports provide an opportunity to stay active while working your brain and building teamwork skills.

Mind Sports

Mental sports like chess and poker are ever-popular and growing. With more people discovering these great games, both as a hobby and a career, there’s never been a better time to take up these mental challenges. And if you find success at playing, you may have enough skill to make money off of it as well! Try starting with one of these 5 best-selling books on chess or check out some tips for how to win at online poker. Also, see 15 classic card games everyone should know.

Multisport Race

Many endurance athletes like to test their mettle in multisport events such as adventure races, ocean swims, and triathlons. While these tests of physical stamina and mental grit can require training for months or even years, don’t think of them as a once-in-a-lifetime event. Anyone can try multisport racing and have a blast! Try out a few of these 10 types of sports to find your niche.


The original upper-class game, golf involves a lot of standing around and walking. It’s not exactly a sport where you get a huge amount of exercise, but it’s good for your mind and body to take a break once in a while. Golf is all about strategy: figuring out how far away you are from all targets, and how to get from one point to another as easily as possible. For those who like games with long, involved rules, golf may be for you.


If you want to watch a sport that brings out primal emotions, look no further than rugby. This brutal sport is one of the fastest-growing worldwide and has been a staple in many countries’ sports programs for decades. It was even a medal event in both 1900 and 1924. Players compete to get control of an oval ball and attempt to score points by passing or kicking it into an opponent’s goal.


While soccer is widely popular worldwide, no sport beats baseball in America. The National League of Professional Baseball Clubs was founded in 1876 and is still going strong today. It’s a fun and exciting game that features players making repeated attempts to score points. If you love playing or watching sports, you can’t go wrong with baseball.


An ancient sport that first began to be played in China nearly 2,000 years ago, basketball today is one of America’s most popular sports. Played using a large ball and a curved hoop attached to a backboard, players score points by throwing or shooting the ball through their opponent’s hoop. Basketball is also great for getting into shape as players run and jump for hours at a time during games.

Table Tennis

A racket-based sport, table tennis is played on a 6-foot by 10-foot table with a hollow celluloid ball. To score, you need to hit your opponent’s ball into one of their four corners, using as few hits as possible. It takes some serious hand-eye coordination to win matches consistently at an elite level—the average professional can make about 170 distinct shots during a match.


This game is played by two teams with six players each. The object of volleyball is to win by scoring points. Each time a team scores, they get a point and then serve it to their opponent’s side of the court. When you score against your opponent, your service goes to them automatically, unless a fault occurs. Volleyball has been an Olympic sport since 1964 for both men and women.

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